Jet Cards Help Make Luxury Air Travel Accessible

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Those of us who desire to partake of luxury air travel by private jet are also aware of the high costs of maintenance of the aircraft, taxes, and liaising with aviation and other authorities that come along with private aircraft ownership.

At the same time, availing of charter jet services is not always convenient to those who wish to feel a sense of ownership in the aircraft they are using, or do not trust in the safety of private charter services, where they fly in a different plane each time.

The answer to their conundrum lies in an ingenious halfway-compromise solution pioneered in 2001, which comes in the form of jet cards.

Jet cards allow purchasers to a fixed number of occupied flying hours in a Mid-sized Private Jet Charters jet, which is owned by one or several other entities (known as fractional jet ownership).The prepaid memberships offer a bundle of hours, starting from 20 and going as high as 50 hours, for a particular kind of aircraft (with options to upgrade or downgrade at later points) and for travel within a certain (extensive) geographical range. Luxury air travel has never been this accessible!

The most obvious advantage of a jet card is that it allows buyers to use a private jet whenever they require without having to deal with the hassles of aircraft ownership.

Further, the aircrafts are newer and well-maintained, with consistent safety records and reliable service. These cards give holders access to luxury air travel in a very convenient way. They can choose the kind of aircraft they prefer to use, jets are available round-the-clock, and the aircraft comes with several amenities.

Services such as full in-flight catering and entertainment services, limousine pick-up and drop, and travel booking services make traveling this way very enjoyable.

It is important to note that the base amount paid for the jet card covers the cost of aircraft use, in addition to which jet card holders will need to bear fuel surcharges, airport taxes, and federal taxes.As well as passenger fees, while use during popular flying periods will cost more, due to higher demand for the private aircraft.

Jet cards are most attractive to leisure travelers, who are footing their own bills and are also more exclusive in their choice of means of travel.They will, naturally, want to get the very best in luxury air travel, and the convenience and high quality of the experience that comes with the memberships cannot be argued with.

When looking to fly in luxury there are several options available out there for private jet rentals, , and even New York helicopter flights. Be sure you do research on all aircraft charters before you book your private air travel plans.

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